All the five stars for Ed. When we were first looking to buy, we started by going to open houses. All the agents showing those houses were smarmy, way-too-put-together saleshounds who only seemed interested in getting their bronzer-moistened business cards in our hands. Then we saw a house that Ed was showing, and we practically didn't even know he was an agent. He spoke like a normal human, he was genuine and knowledgeable, and not pushy in the least. Didn't even ask if we needed a realtor. We left and were about to drive away, when we looked at each other and said, "That guy was super cool, can *he* be our realtor?" So we walked back in and asked. Eight years later, we've bought with him twice and sold once. He's helpful beyond measure, he's honest and realistic. Never once got that "salesman" vibe from him, he never pushed us towards something that wasn't right ... or any of the other bad stereotypes that come with the word "realtor." (No offense, everyone-else-on-Zillow) Plus he's just a good *person*. Finding him was like finding that one mythical car mechanic who tells the truth and won't overcharge you. If you have the option of using Ed and you don't, you should reconsider the competence of every choice you've ever made, because you've likely been doing all of life wrong.Having a realtor that listens to your wants and needs is key when looking at places and Ed always sent me listings daily and took me to properties that were exactly what I wanted until we found the perfect condo. Everything about my experience with Trusted Realty was positive and I would strongly recommend anyone who is seriously looking for a realtor to try Trusted Realty. Such a great experience!
Costa Mesa, CA
Ed has helped me immensely as a realtor and I whole-heartedly recommended him (in fact two sets of my friends have utilized and loved Ed as well) . He has assisted me with two home purchases and one home sale in Costa mesa and Huntington Beach (including two of those during covid stuff), always bringing confidence, savvy, and years of advice along with him. He is easy to work with...listening to what we were looking for in our "forever home" he helped us not only find it but have our offer accepted within days in June of 2020. We look around the house now feeling like we're living our dream! I just can't say enough nice things about Ed. He's a true professional and you'll definitely benefit from having him on your team.
Huntington Beach, CA
I would trust no one other than Ed for my real estate needs. After making the decision to list my home for sale, he created a sales strategy that resulted in six offers, all significantly over asking price, within the first few days on the market. He helped us understand all the offers to make the decision that was right for our situation. In the end, he was able to get us the highest sales price on record for the community we were in and the fastest time sold. He really is the best!

Having a realtor that listens to your wants and needs is key when looking at places and Ed always sent me listings daily and took me to properties that were exactly what I wanted until we found the perfect condo. Everything about my experience with Trusted Realty was positive and I would strongly recommend anyone who is seriously looking for a realtor to try Trusted Realty. Such a great experience!
Rob Gasteiger
Costa Mesa, CA
Ed was referred to me by a friend and I am beyond thankful! Ed has sold me two homes; my very first and then my forever home. When I first met Ed, he was extremely patient, easy to talk to, and answered all of my questions as first time home buyer. Ed was really easy to work with throughout the whole process, he was attentive and kept me in the loop as new listings would post, toured me around with my husband, and ultimately help us close our deal. We kept in touch until we decided to sell the first home and the second home buying process was just as easy. Ed is genuine and I never felt like I was dealing with an agent but more of a riend; he not only is a good agent but also has great suggestions in homes we saw or how to go about deals. I appreciate Ed and will forever use him.
Chris Vo and Tom Tran
Orange, CA
Working with Ed of Trusted Realty took all of the stress out of buying my condo. I bought a short sale condo in Garden Grove and while short sales can sometimes be a very lengthy process, Ed was able to push the process along very quickly and get me into the condo of my dreams. Ed worked around the clock to make sure I moved in on time and was always incredibly quick to respond to any of my questions or needs during the entire process.

Having a realtor that listens to your wants and needs is key when looking at places and Ed always sent me listings daily and took me to properties that were exactly what I wanted until we found the perfect condo. Everything about my experience with Trusted Realty was positive and I would strongly recommend anyone who is seriously looking for a realtor to try Trusted Realty. Such a great experience!
Scott L
Garden Grove, CA
I have had the pleasure of woking with Ed on several transactions. I'm actually a lender... Lenn Levin with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Ed is an absolute professional. One of the many things that I love about Ed is that "Ed is not in it for Ed". That sounds funny to read, but he truly puts his client's best interest first and foremost. He's genuine, kind and as honest as they come. If he things a house might not be a good fit or may have issues that could cause problems down the road, he will tell you and encourage you to keep looking. He's not a Realtor to just get you into any old house. He wants you to love the house. Ed knows the industry and trends inside and out. He's ALWAYS available. I think he works well on very little sleep... haha! Other Realtors could really learn a thing or two from Ed. I'm known to do cartwheels when I find out that I get to work with him on a transaction. 🙂
Jenn L
Huntington Beach, CA
Ed is my real estate angel!

My search started in January 2012. I was referred to Ed by a friend who said he was great. Little did I know "great" was an understatement!

I got pre-approved through Chase and Ed and I git the pavement trying to find my first home! We looked from Garden Grove to Corona and literally every city in between! Ed was patient and understood my picky wants and needs. During this time Chase dropped the ball and I started the process with Wells Fargo.

Finally, after months and months of searching, I had finally found it! A home that I was so in love with. The moment Ed and I walked in we both knew! That was it, this was my home!

We immediately put an offer in. Ed told me that there were about 10 offers and he was doing to do everything in his power to get my offer accepted! Whatever he did worked! They picked my offer and we were ready to open escrow.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as amazing as Ed. My loan officer with Wells Fargo royally messed up and I was at risk of losing the house. My only option was to start the loan process over with a new lender. Bank of America took over and that's were hell began. Day after day it was bad news. Ed was in consistent communication with the lender and me trying everything he could to get Bank of America to do what they needed to do to get my load complete.

After almost 2 months of fighting with Bank of America and hours away from me losing the house and the seller going into foreclosure, Ed worked his magic again and I was clear to close. I will never forget his text message... "You're a homeowner!" Literally brought tears to my eyes!

Through disappointment after disappointment, Ed was there for me every step of the way. He was my rock! I truly could not have done this without him. I know for a fact that no other real estate agent would've stuck with me through everything we went through! And boy was it a lot!

I truly don't think I could repay Ed for everything he's done for me. I am in a home I absolutely love and it's all thanks to him!

If you are reading this, you need to pick up the phone and call Ed right NOW! Your dream home could be just around the corner and Ed is the man that will make that dream come true!
Heather P
Orange, CA
I bought a condo in Aliso Viejo just over two years ago and used Trusted Realty. Ed was very easy to work with and was very accommodating to my schedule, we basically used my lunch hour to find my condo!

I also recently considered selling my condo and of course decided to use Trusted Realty. Ed helped me weigh the options and after a lot of analysis, he suggested to hold off on selling my property as he thought the timing wasn't right. What kind of agent suggests that you NOT sell? One that has his clients' best interest in mind. Turns out that it was very solid advice too as the recent sales in my community are over 10% more than what they were just a few months ago! 10% is huge in this market!

So don't look any further, give Ed a call... you won't be disappointed!
Jon R
Aliso Viejo, CA
Trusted Realty helped me in purchasing my condo about 4 months ago in Orange, CA. The real estate process can feel very overwhelming as a first time buyer, but Ed Eyerman put all those potential worries away. Ed puts things in simple terms so everyone can understand and he is very quick to respond when you may have a question. He's a simple text message away.

He was with me through the entire process from sending me multiple listings per day to handing me my keys to my new home. I would only recommend Trusted Realty for your real estate needs. Thank you!
Ivan K
San Dimas, CA
Ed Eyerman with Trusted Realty Group is like the Superman of the real estate world! I recently purchased my first home and from start to finish, Ed has been there to help me through the entire process.

My journey began in May 2012 when I received a pre-approval from a loan broker. I have several friends who are realtors but decided on working with Ed based on his knowledge and experience in the Orange County market. At our first meeting, Ed went over the entire process with me and what to expect from start to finish. The next morning he began sending me MLS listings that he thought I'd be interested in. My original plan wasn't to buy right away but I quickly became obsessed with looking at places online so we began seeing them in person. I started using Redfin on my iPhone and iPad and would constantly send him places to look up in MLS and he'd respond to me promptly. The first place we looked at I wanted to write an offer on, Ed know me, my personality, and what I'd like about this place making it the perfect fit. Although I didn't write an offer on that home, we quickly visited and wrote offers on most of the Orange County inventory (in my price range). Ed's knowledge of short sales (and the entire process) really helped me in my decisions on what offer to write.

On a Saturday morning in August, we looked at two places, one I would end up in escrow on, and the second would eventually be my new home. We wrote offers on both and my offer on the first place was accepted. I won't forget being at my office that Friday evening when I got the call from Ed "Congratulations, you're going to be a homeowner!" He totally shared in my excitement! But that excitement turned into disappointment when the next week my lender called me to tell me I had to terminate escrow as they had screwed up in a major way and wouldn't be able to fund my loan. Ed tried doing all he could to ensure I didn't have to terminate and he was disappointed and upset about the news as I was. After this, Ed worked with my lender to ensure this wouldn't happen again and that the next place we were in escrow on wouldn't have any lender issues.

Two weeks later I was at dinner and I got a call from Ed that the second place we had seen that August morning and wrote an offer on wanted to know if I was still interested as the short sale has been accepted but the first buyer picked backed out. We wrote an offer first thing the next morning and within 5 minutes the offer was accepted.

The rest of the process was as smooth sailing as it could be. During escrow, Ed was a champion in my corner with any issues that came up he made sure they were taken care of by the seller. I don't think this man ever sleeps because day and night, he's working! I was in Chicago for the first week of escrow but Ed was at my house with the inspector and getting things taken care of in my absence.

After 27 days, I was a new homeowner! I'd say Ed and the agents at Trusted Realty Group truly care about you and your experience. They're compassionate and understanding how stressful and exciting the process is and are more like a companion through the process rather than someone who is just there to collect a paycheck. I'd recommend Trusted Realty Group to all my friends and family for all their SoCal real estate needs!
Aaron C
Orange, CA
After we purchased our last home, we vowed never to work with another real estate agent again. Ed Eyerman of Trusted Realty Group helped us find our current home and continue to help us find tenants for our condo until we decided to sell our condo. Ed made the process of buying our home and selling our condo a breeze. He communicated very well and was always available when we needed him. Ed is truly an expert who doesn't waste any time, fast and efficient. We highly recommend Ed to friends and relatives. Thank you Ed, you are truly awesome at your job which is the #1 again ever in our mind.
Travin Y
Corona, CA
Ed Eyerman helped me buy a brand new townhome a few months ago. He made the entire process very easy. He listened to all of my needs and remembered everything on my wants list from our very first meeting. He would send me links to any new properties that were listed from the past few days and scheduled viewings for us. He was very patient and viewed quite a few places with us. Once he showed me the new townhomes that were under construction, I new I had to have one. He even made the whole process easier on my by pressing my lender when there were a few hiccups with the bank. I would recommend him to everyone and look forward to using him again when I sell this place and get something bigger in the future. Thank you Ed!
Joshua G
Anaheim, CA
Ed Eyerman with Trusted Realty Group is hands down the only real estate agent and realty group I would use. I recently bought a 4 bed 3 bath house in Orange. Every step of the way I was informed and given advice about how to go about looking for homes. Ed is very professional and prompt. He is very likely to give you an honest opinion when he is asked for one and that was something new that I had not experienced. Ed has a very great knowledge when dealing with short sales which to those of us looking at houses is very necessary when the majority of homes that have been purchased are either short sales or foreclosed upon. Ed not only knew the rules and regulations but also took the time to sit down and explain to myself what the difference was. Not only whould I recommend Ed as an agent, I would say anyone not using him is making their own lives a lot more hectic when looking to purchase or sell their home.
Alex M
Orange, CA
Ed was proactive, creative, persistent, and responsive throughout all stages of the recent purchase of my new home in West Hollywood. First, he took the time to understand what I really wanted and quickly got a "feel" for what I liked (and what I didn't). Then when the property I wanted was being bid on by another potential buyer, Ed designed creative strategies to compete and win without overpaying. Next, he moved mountains with my lender to ensure that the deal closed just 19 days after offer acceptance. Finally, he provided helpful advice in my choice of optional finishes, suggested things to pay attention to during the walk-through, and facilitated a smooth transition even after closing took place. I highly recommend Trusted Realty Group for the experience, attitude, and client service orientation that will make your real estate transaction go smoothly.
Ron D
West Hollywood, CA
Ed is a referral from my loan specialist and he was able to find me a dream home that suited all I asked for which was a very long list. He was patient and was able to understand my requests. I went on vacation out of the country just before closing and he handled everything for me while I was away. Being in the business myself, I highly recommend this professional for all real estate needs.
Lisa C
Costa Mesa, CA
Ed is one of those rare people out there that I know I can always trust to do what he says he's going to do. He negotiated a great deal on our behalf and his advice and clarity greatly helped simplify the many complicated steps involved in the home buying process. I would definitely recommend Ed to anyone looking to buy a home.
Ryan K & Matt B
Ontario, CA

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